An unique program offer throughout Europe

Adventure and Nature therapy

We provide clinically comprehensive nature and adventure-based programs to young adults and families with a wide range of issues, including Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem Issues, Oppositional Defiance, Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Gaming Addiction, Anger Management, ADD & ADHD, Gender Identity Issues, Self-Harm, Relationship Issues, Grief & Loss, and Family Problems.


Assisting young adults in becoming healthy, capable, and confident young men and women.

Individual adventure and nature therapy program of 3-4 weeks, designed to meet the needs of the youngster and the family in different locations throughout Europe.

Our program based on individual adventure and nature therapy guarantees a comprehensive psychological intervention, with the highest ethical and quality standards. During the necessary days, the participant will be accompanied at all times (24/7) by a professional who will guide the experience in nature. During the program, both the participant and the family will also follow online therapy sessions with a clinical therapist.
The supervision of the therapeutic program will be implemented by recognized professionals in Europe and the world, guaranteeing an effective monitoring program.

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Sailing as a family, facing new horizons together

Systemic intervention on a boat, sailing as a family in the Mediterranean Sea, creating a safe and healthy environment, reaching new destinations, experiencing new roles and finding new ways to face the future.

Sometimes as parents we feel lost with parenting when our kids become teenagers, and we feel the need to reconnect in a healthier way with them and in the family. Sometimes, these kids need to grow in a different way… It’s time to stop and to start a new voyage.
During a week on a boat, while exploring new beaches, scuba diving, sea kayaking, and having fun, the family will find new ways to reconnect and to grow as needed.

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Supporting participants navigating gender and sexual identity

Program created to provide meaningful rites of passage for Gender Diverse, Queer & Trans youth, within a community of peers with the support from a team of experienced and trained therapists.

This 10 days program for a group of 10 young adults is designed as an emotionally safe space to address specific queer* needs, and developing a healthy and healing community: a space to share and to grow, surrounded by nature, and facilitated by selected staff.

*In CYC, we use “queer” as an inclusive term and an uplifting declaration. We acknowledge that the word “queer” has been misused in the past and it might still hurt to some in the LGBTQ2IA+ community. We understand the word “queer” as an empowering and uniting expression of the many complex identities within the community.

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Program for mental health professionals, and adventure and nature therapists with burnout

A community of healing in the coast of Sweden. Time to reconnect with nature, yourself and the community; time to heal and to contact again with your purpose in life.

Taking care of the Self in a 24/7 society is a necessary quality/skill for living your passion, working on your dreams and connecting with your true identity, and to prevent yourself from the biggest issue of this century: feeling stressed and/or burn-out. You will learn in connection with other colleagues, and go deep in:
– Selfcare.
– Healthy and authentic identity.
– Safe boundaries.

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Region of Picos de Europa (Spain)

National Park in Northwest Spain. Mountain area next to the sea, with many outdoor possibilities.

El Camino de Santiago (Spain)

Nowadays, the Camino de Santiago transcends a mere pilgrimage; it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, being the perfect metaphor for transformation.

Balearic Islands (Spain)

Heaven on sea. Archipelago with a variety of opportunities for sailing, scuba diving, and kayaking. Our base for the BURGEE program.

Region of Pirineos (Spain)

The natural border between France and Spain. Mountain range with many different peaks and valleys and outdoor-life options

Region of Cabo de Gata (Spain)

Located on the northeast coast of Andalusia, offers many watersport options. The usual location for our winter programs.

Kalvön Naturreservat (Sweden)

Tranquil area north of Goteborg, basic and in nature, next to the sea. This is our base for the TRIBE summer program.

And some more destinations to come in the future!