Becoming an adult often entails suffering, and also despair for families.

Sometimes, regular therapy is not enough. We help to Create your Change.

Since COVID, many adolescents and young adults have developed mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, and addictions, even reaching the point of self-harm or committing suicide attempts.

Some young people need time and distance to think and face their problems. They need a time-out accompanied by mental health professionals to learn how to function in a world they don’t understand, learn positive coping mechanisms, learn to solve problems in a different way, and they also need to learn to manage their emotions. And, sometimes, families also need a break to manage other problems, and perhaps learn new strategies to accompany this difficult life stage.

What can you expect
When a family partners in our program, they embark on a rewarding adventure of self-discovery and learn a variety of strategies that promote lasting well-being. This endeavor occurs through the application of research-driven and innovative clinical holistic practices. Our principles:
  • Creating a safe space and authentic connection to staff, nature, and themselves.
  • Learning through and in nature strength-based approach.
  • Augment self-confidence through meaningful challenges.
  • Inspiring and promoting change toward life goals.
Our expertise
We have provided clinically comprehensive treatment to young adults and families with a wide range of issues, including Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem Issues, Oppositional Defiance, Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Gaming Addiction, Anger Management, ADD & ADHD, Gender Identity Issues, Self-Harm, Relationship Issues, Grief & Loss, and Family Problems.
Find your program:

We provide clinically comprehensive treatment to young adults and their families with a wide range of issues, and also for adventure and nature therapists.

Assisting young adults in becoming healthy, capable, and confident young men and women.
  • Individual adventure and nature therapy program of 3-4 weeks, designed to meet the needs of the youngster and the family in different locations throughout Europe.
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Sailing as a family, facing new horizons together.
  • Systemic intervention on a boat, sailing as a family in the Mediterranean sea, creating a safe and healthy environment, reaching new destinations, experiencing new roles and finding new ways to face the future.
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Supporting participants navigating gender and sexual identity.
  • Program created to provide meaningful rites of passage for Gender Diverse, Queer & Trans youth, within a community of peers with the support from a team of experienced and trained therapists.
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Program for adventure and nature therapists with burnout
  • A community of healing in the coast of Sweden. Time to reconnect with nature, yourself and the community; time to heal and to contact again with your purpose in life.
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