Two companies working together

The Adventure Therapy Institute (Lindau, Germany)  & Terapia Aventura (Valencia, Spain)
The collaboration between these companies provides the perfect quality and ethics and is operational European-wide. ATI is in charge of quality standards, and of the continuous supervision of the process and therapists; and TA is in charge of therapeutic implementation and logistics.

The Adventure Therapy Institute (ATI) is a registered and certified training company, based in Germany. Our training standards and enrolment requisites follow the German Federal Association of Individual and Experiential Education. ATI is conceived as a professional think tank, being editors of the International Journal of Adventure Therapy. This team guarantees follow-up and supervision to professionals in the field.


Terapia Aventura (TA) is the Spanish pioneer provider in Adventure and Nature-based interventions. This company has been developing individual and group therapy outdoors since 2008. Among their programs, outstands their intervention with adolescents with drug and behavioral problems, young adults with severe mental health problems, and individual programs for youth-at-risk youngsters with fetal alcohol syndrome, or borderline personality disorder. Licensed by the Spanish Mental Health Professional Association, many quality standards and research in this field have been established by this company.